I know this non-option is usually thrown around as a way of scaring those of us who hate these new TSA measures back in line, but I wish there WAS actually un-TSA-scanned flights using procedures from before 9/11 to usher us onto the plane. » 11/25/10 1:40am 11/25/10 1:40am

Interesting. [Renren.com] is actually the newest version of [Xiaonei.com] here in China - Xiaonei was basically a clone of Facebook in the early 2000s, when it was only open to university students. Renren is their attempt to expand to the rest of China. » 12/07/09 5:34am 12/07/09 5:34am

Awesome review! I'm especially curious about the note-taking system and how that'll pan out though. One of the reasons I've been iffy about buying people a Kindle (and one reason I think it's still a ways away from being able to replace... say, textbooks) is because I've heard there's too many problems with writing in… » 12/07/09 3:23am 12/07/09 3:23am